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  • Upto 50 days of interest free credit.
  • Easy EMI Conversion through Canara ai1 app.
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal & other non financial services.
  • Shop at PoS at Merchant Outlets.
  • Shop online & enjoy discounts.
  • Domestic & International Acceptance
  • Zero Annual, Joining and Enrolment Fee
  • Rewards Points for every PoS / e-commerce transaction.


  • Domestic & International Acceptance
  • International / Global usage can be activated through net banking / mobile banking or by visiting the base branch.

Parameters Rupay Classic Credit Card
Type of Transactions available All Transactions are allowed ie ATM Cash Withdrawal/ Point of Sale / E-Commerce (The same can be made On/Off or limit can be set through net banking / mobile banking or by visiting the base branch)
Domestic & International Acceptance. Available
Maximum Credit Limit Per Month ₹ 500,000
Cash-Withdrawal Limit 50% of Credit Limit or ₹50,000/- , whichever is lower
Cash-Withdrawal Charges ₹30/- Per ₹1000/- withdrawn.
Interest Free Credit Period Upto 50 days till next Payment Due Date
Interest Rate beyond Credit Period 2.5% Per Month or 30% Per Annum of the outstanding Amount for Unsecured Credit Cards
Annual/ Joining/ Enrolment Fee Nil
Lounge Access Available at Selected Lounges
Reward Points 2 Points per every ₹100/- spent on POS/ E-Commerce
Markup Fee 3% on Forex Transactions (Lowest among Peer Banks)
Options to Redeem Reward Points Cashback or Goods Purchase through (
Expected minimum Annual Turnover on Card ₹12,000/-
Inactivity Fee (If annual Turnover of Rs.12,000/- is not met) ₹ 100/-
Fraudulent Charge Cover ₹2,00,000/-
Baggage Insurance Upto ₹25,000
Purchase Protection Cover Upto ₹25,000
Accident Cover (Air Accident)

₹ 4.00 lakhs for self

₹ 2.00 lakhs for spouse

Accident Cover (Other than Air Accident)

₹ 2.00 lakhs for self

₹ 1.00 lakh for spouse

EMI Conversion

Easy EMI Conversion throughCanara ai1 app :

EMI Conversion Charges:
Min: ₹100/-, 2% of Transaction Value and Max: ₹200/-.

EMI Rate: 13% p.a. for below 1 Year (3,6,9 months), 14% p.a. for 1 Year & Above (12, 18, 24 months)

Other Offers Seasonal Offers are available on Canara Cards.

* All the above listed charges excluding GST and 18% GST will be charged extra.

  • Independent income with a minimum of ₹. 1 Lakh gross per annum for individuals.
  • Minimum annual gross income of Rs.60000/- and minimum net take home salary of not less than Rs.4000/- p.m. for staff member.
Nature of Charge Amount of Charge
Enrollment fee NIL
Annual Fee NIL
Card Inactivity Fee Applicable only if the card turnover during the card year is less than Rs. 12,000/- ₹100/-
Free Credit Period Minimum of 20 to and maximum of 50 days
Charges on Revolved Amount, Where the cardholder has been permitted Revolving Credit facility, the cardholder needs to pay only the minimum due amount indicated in the bill. The unpaid portion will only attract service charges. 2.50%p.m.(Annualized Percentage Rate 30% ) for all other credit cards.
Minimum repayment on Revolving Credit (Minimum Amount Due – MAD): 5% of Total outstanding amount (Min. Rs. 100) + all applicable charges/fees/taxes + EMI (in cases of EMI availed by card holder)+ over the limit amount (if any)
Card Replacement Fee Rs. 300/- per card (applicable for both primary and addon card)
Mark up in case of Transaction in foreign currency Upto 3% of transaction Amount
Duplicate Statement Rs. 10 per page
Cheque dishonor charges or unsuccessful payment instructions Rs. 50
EMI Processing fee 2% of transaction amount with minimum of Rs. 100/- and Maximum of Rs. 200/-
Rate of interest on EMI

13% p.a. for EMI period of 3,6 and 9 months and

14% p.a. for EMI period of 12,18 and 24 months.

EMI Pre-Closure penal Charges

2% of outstanding principle


Railway Tickets – Railway Counters

Railway Tickets –

Rs. 30+ 2.5% of transaction amount 1% of transaction amount + all applicable taxes
Fuel Surcharges Petrol & all products/services sold at petrol pumps

1% of transaction value with minimum fee of Rs. 10+ applicable taxes.

Maximum of Rs 100/- for the billing month would be reimbursed in the upcoming billing month in the following cases.

Card should have been used for a minimum amount of Rs. 2500/- for purchase transactions during the billing month.

Minimum purchase of petrol & petroleum products per occasion(ticket size) for reckoning under this scheme is Rs.400/-

Transaction fee for cash withdrawal through Credit Card at Canara Bank ATMs *(per transaction) *Use of other Bank ATMs attracts extra charges levied by the respective banks. 3% of the transaction amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 30/- for every Rs. 1000 or part there of.
Copy of charge slip

Domestic Rs. 100/-

International US $10/- or equivalent

Original Charges slip: If processed by our Bank USD 2.00 (Approximate rupee equivalent is charged)
Original Charges slip: If Procured from other Bank USD 6.00 (Approximate rupee equivalent is charged)
Collection charges for outstation cheques Rs. 100 per instrument+ other banks charges, if any
Charges in respect of notices reminders sent to cardholders having overdues Rs. 50/- per notice
Services Charges for Delayed payment beyond due date For Revolver and Non-revolver Late payment fee of Rs 250/- + GST will be charged, this is in addition to existing service charges (2.5% p.m. i.e. 30% per Annum) on carried over balance.

All the above listed charges excluding GST and 18% GST will be charged extra.

All other out of pocket expenses incurred for any services rendered will be collected in addition to the fees/charges mentioned above.

All fees / charges are subject to change and at the discretion of the Bank. The changes in fees / charges and the effective date will be indicated in the bills / MITC/ Bank site/ SMS /emails etc. Intimation on any such modification in fee/charges will be intimated to customer through SMS /emails etc. Bill/statement will be generated only when there is a billable transaction for the billing month.

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