Simple, Safe, Smart way of Applying for Public issues.
“Application Supported By Blocked Amount” [ASBA] Facility – made operational in our Bank with effect from 1st September 2010.

Applications Supported by Blocked Amount [ASBA] is an initiative by SEBI to make the process of Subscription to Capital Issues (Primary) more efficient. Under this system, the application money will remain in the account of the customer, earning interest till the allotment process is completed.

We offer this facility to our CASA account holders intending to invest in capital issues (public, debt and right issues).

A hold is created in the account of the customer to the extent of value of shares applied for in the primary market and the hold is released after the finalization of Basis of Allotment. The blocked amount is transferred to the issuer company to match the quantum of shares allotted.

The following are the requirement for applying through the ASBA/UPI ASBA, by the Account holder :

  • Account holder / Investor should be from the approved category eligible to apply as per SEBI guidelines.
  • Should have a Savings / Current account (CASA) with us linked with Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  • Should have a Demat Account with a Depository Participant linked with same PAN number.
  • CASA account and Demat Account both should linked with same PAN.
  • Availability of sufficient balance in the account for creating a hold in the account to the extent of application money required/mentioned in the ASBA application, above the minimum balance.

The following options are available to the ASBA investor :

  • As per SEBI guidelines, Investor shall use only his/her own bank account linked with Permanent Account Number (PAN) to make an application in public issues.
  • Applications made using third party bank account or using third party linked bank account are liable for rejection. In other words, the applicant and the account holder should be the same and PAN should match.
  • ASBA Application can be submitted at our branches.
  • ASBA applications can also be submitted through intermediary by using UPI linked Bank account, AI1 Mobile Banking, Net Banking, OLT channel.
  • Option available to the investor to revise the bid/delete the bid within the bidding period.
  • ASBA facility extended for internet customers. Login to Net Banking > Under Main Menu > Invest and Ensure > E-ASBA > Issues which are open will pop up.
  • ASBA facility extended for HUF Accounts. Login to Net Banking> Under Main Menu> Other Services >E-ASBA > Issues which are open will pop up.
  • Minor accounts (Product Code.120 & 231) and Small Savings Bank Accounts (Product code.127& 232) are not eligible for investing in IPOs/Rights Issue/ Debt Issue through ASBA.
  • Time limit for Non Institutional Investors/HNI/QIB (application amount is more than Rs 2.00 Lakhs) @ 3.30pm and for retail Individual Bidders i.e. application amount up to Rs 2.00 Lakhs @ 4.30pm on issue closing day for all channels.

To download ASBA application forms, visit following websites :

  • (NSE - Forms available at bottom of the page after clicking on the respective company/Issuer).

    (BSE - Forms available on left hand side after clicking on the respective company/Issuer).