• Working capital requirements - for allied activities, farm machinery / equipments maintenance.
  • Repairs and replacements of machinery, Repairs / Improvements of Developmental nature and replacement of draught animals, bullock carts etc.
  • Working capital requirements for Non-farm sector activities
  • Consumption needs
  • Repayment of genuine private debts

  • Agriculturists who have received KCC prompt repayment incentive for past three years.
  • Individual farmers /Joint borrowers, SHGs, JLGs who are owner cultivators and or/engaged in allied activities.
  • Canara Kisan OD can also be sanctioned to GPA holders.
  • Should not be a defaulter to any of the financial institutions.


Minimum Limit: Rs. 1.50 Lakhs
Maximum Limit: Rs. 12.50 Lakhs

Relaxation under the scheme are ceiling on finance per acre of land mortgaged is Rs. 1.50 Lakh per acre subject to 50% of the value of landed property mortgaged /proposed to be mortgaged. Out of which atleast 15% security in the form of residential property.

Security Mortgage of landed properties are to be obtained with value at least 200% of the limit as prime security & of which at least 15% security in the form of residential property.
Repayment Period Tenability is 12 months. Interest debited (Half yearly in March/September) to be recovered within a maximum period of 90 days.
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