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  • Sinking/digging an open well or drilling of tube well.
  • Repairs to the existing open well
  • Installation of Diesel / Electric Pump Sets/Submers ible Pump sets
  • Installation of pipelines.
  • Drip/sprinkler irrigation system
  • For construction of pump house
  • For installation of windmills for lifting water from wells, streams, etc. for agricultural purpose
  • For installing Generator Sets for energization of agricultural pump sets
  • Solar pump sets can also be financed
  • Fertilizer mixers and pump sets
  • Any other water saving devices/modern irrigation
  • The applicant should be the owner cultivator.
  • Individuals, Joint/ Group of Farmers. -owner cultivators. and JLGs, SHGs etc. engaged in Agriculture and related activities.
  • The farmers ' land should have adequate source of water. In case any Public/Government source is being used, water right certificate from the concerned authority should be produced.
  • In case of wells they should have sufficient recouping capacity to irrigate area proposed to be brought under irrigation.
  • The minimum spacing to be maintained between dug wells / Borewells are applicable for pumpset loans also. The same should be as per Government guidelines for that area.
  • The diesel/kerosene and electric pump sets to be financed should confirm to the norm of Complete Pumping System (CPS) as per Code No. IS 10804.86. The submers ible pump sets to be financed should be approved by BIS (formerly ISI).
  • The farmer should obtain a feasibility certificate from the Electricity Board indicating the probable date of energisation. Energisation of pump sets should be ensured within a reasonable time.
  • Farmer shall submit water yield certificate from Dept. of Mines & Geology, Ground Water Directorate in respect of bore well drilled.
Margin Up to ₹. 1.60 lakhs - Nil
Above ₹. 1.60 lakhs 15-25%
  • Upto Rs. 1.60 Lakhs – Hypothecation of assets created out of bank finance.
  • Above Rs. 1.60 Lakhs – Hypothecation of assets created out of bank finance + Mortgage of landed properties.



The loan is repayable in 9 to 15 years. by half yearly / yearly installments depending upon the income generation including a repayment holiday of 11 months.

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