It came to the knowledge of the Bank through Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) that complaints have been received from public against various entities which operate websites displaying the logos of various prominent Commercial Banks and images of their Customer Service Points and contact public promising to enlist them as Customer Service Points of different Commercial Banks. They are collecting money from the persons interested to open Customer Service Points and duping them.

In the above context, we caution the public in general that our Bank does not have provision for online sourcing of application of allotment of Customer Service Points to general public. Public is hereby requested not to believe such luring advertisements in websites and become prey to fraudsters. Beware of Fraudulent Websites

Do not disclose your atm debit card / credit card number/ pin/ cvv/ otp to any person. Do not share your internet banking user id/ password/ otp. Never respond to any telephone calls/ sms/ e-mail asking to share the details of your card number etc. Do not hand over your debit card/ credit card to any unknown person/ sales person in a shop/ merchant location beyond your sight. Do not keep pin/ password along with the atm debit card/ credit card – memorise it. Avoid cyber cafes for doing internet banking transactions