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For Poultry:

  • Establishing/improving layer/broiler farms and hatcheries including Purchase of chicks, feeds and medicines up to laying / marketing stage, equipment’s, feed mixing plants, construction of poultry sheds.
  • Working capital limits for purchase of chicks, feed, medicines can be considered either as a single transaction loan or as working capital limits.

For Duck Rearing:

  • Purchase of ducks, portable enclosure, feeding equipment’s, transportation charges, supplementary feed, veterinary expenses and purchase of other inputs.

For rearing turkeys/quails.

  • The applicant should have experience/knowledge in poultry farming/duck rearing.
  • The farm should have sufficient accommodation for the birds proposed to be purchased.
  • Good quality, adequate drinking water facilities should be available in the farm.
  • The farm should be located in a calm area, free from disturbances, dust, noise, etc.
  • Veterinary facilities, marketing facilities should be available in nearness to the farm.
  • Availability of day old chick, feeds, etc and also facility for replacement of ducklings

Margin Up to Rs.1.60 lakhs - Nil Above Rs.1.60 lakhs -15-25%
  • Up to Rs 1.60 lakhs – Hypothecation of assets created out of bank loan,
  • above Rs 1.60 lakhs – Hypothecation of assets plus mortgage of land where the development is proposed / investment is made.
  • Loans extended to allied activities under agriculture (pisciculture, beekeeping, poultry, livestock, grading, sorting, aggregation agro industries, dairy, fishery, agriclinics and agribusiness units, food & agro processing, etc.) uptoRs.10.00 lakhs should be compulsorily covered under CGFMU
Repayment Period

For Poultry:

  • For Poultry 7-9 years to be repaid monthly/quarterly (including gestation period of 12-18 months).
  • For Duck rearing 4-5 years to be repaid quarterly/half yearly (Including gestation period of 12 months)
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