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Expenses towards storing, processing of produce and expenditure incurred in holding like godown charges, treatment of food grains to prevent pest/rodent attack of the agricultural produce till marketing and to meet other unforeseen post-harvest expenses and tide over temporary difficulties / liquidity problems in any agricultural and allied activities operations like labour charges, urgent repairs of farm equipments / machinery.

  • Individual farmers / joint borrowers (not exceeding 4 farmers) who are existing KCC holders of the branch and account is regular/limit is valid(tenable)
  • Should not be a defaulter to any of the financial institutions.
  • Only for farmers having agriculture as predominant activity.

Quantum Minimum limit: Rs.1000/- Maximum limit: Rs. 50000/
Margin NIL
Security Existing security/ies obtained for KCC limit to be continued. No additional securities to be insisted.
However, when total proposed exposure exceeds Rs.1.60 Lakhs (where online charge is not available) & Rs. 2.50 lakhs (Where online charge is available), mortgage of landed property is to be stipulated in addition to hypothecation of crops cultivated
Repayment Period To be repaid within a period of 3-5 years in half yearly/annual installments based on the income generation pattern or coinciding with the harvest/marketing of the crops.
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