Section D

Bid Process 

Section F


Section G


Section H



Annexure 1

Bid Covering Letter 

Annexure 3

Bidders Profile 

Annexure 4

Service Support Details 

Annexure 5

Track Record of Past Implementation of Projects 

Annexure 6

Non-Disclosure Agreement 

Annexure 9

Undertaking of Authenticity 

Annexure 10

Compliance Statement 

Annexure 11

Undertaking Letter 

Annexure 12

Escalation Matrix 

Forms (Purchase Preference)

Form PP-A

Undertaking for Applicability of Purchase Preference Policy 

Form PP-B

Self-Declaration of MSEs and Startups 

Form PP-C

Undertaking by Bidder towards Mandatory Minimum LC 

Form PP-D

Certificate by Statutory Auditor of Bidder towards Mandatory Minimum LC 

MeitY Form – 1

Affidavit of Self Certification regarding Domestic Value Addition in an Electronic Product 

DoT Form – 1

Self-Certification regarding Local Content (LC) for Telecom Product, Services or Works 

Bid Formats

Appendix D

Format for Sending Prebid Queries.  

Appendix E

Authorization Letter Format.

Bank Guarantee Formats


Bank Guarantee Format for Earnest Money Deposit.

Appendix G

Proforma of Bank Guarantee for Contract Performance.

Appendix H

Format for Bank Guarantee for Advance Warranty Payment. 

Pre Contract Integrity Pact

Appendix I

Pre Contract Integrity Pact.

Reverse Auction Formats

Appendix J

Business Rules and Terms and Conditions of Reverse Auction.  

Appendix J (1) & Appendix J(3)

Format to be submitted before commencement of Reverse Auction. 

Appendix J(2)

Format to be submitted after Reverse Auction by L1 vendor. 

Appendix K

Location Details. 

Draft Contract Agreement