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For Term Loan:

  • Construction of New Cold Storages, other cold chain infrastructure such as pack house, integrated pack house, reefer vans, Bulk cooling units, quick freezer units, chilling / freezing infrastructure etc.
  • Repairs /Renovation/ purchase of existing cold storage, other chain infrastructure etc.
  • Purchase & installation and /or replacement of machineries /DG sets etc.
  • Development of ancillary/supporting infrastructure like parking sheds, internal roads, garbage disposal arrangements, boundary wall, drinking water facility etc.

For Working Capital Limit ( for cold storage ):

  • To provide finance assistance (OD Limit ) against Book Debts to Cold Storage units.
  • Working capital requirement for on-lending to farmers for storage of produce like Potato, fruits, peas, chillies, corn, spices etc. in Cold storage units.
  • Working capital requirement for recurring expenditure to run the business.

  • Individuals, groups of individuals, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Co-operatives, Companies, Corporations, Partnership and Propretiorary firms, Agriculture produce marketing committees/Boards, Agro processing corporations, SHGs Federations, marketing Boards and Growers Associations etc.
  • The applicant should have own/ leased land and should have space for construction of storage structures.


For Term Loan:

Loan Amount Margin should be Minimum
Under AIF Scheme, up to ₹. 2 Cr 10%
Above ₹. 2 Cr up to ₹. 10 Cr 20%
Above ₹. 10 Cr 25%
Loan for repair and renovation 25%

For Working Capital: 25%


For Term Loan:
Prime Security:

  • Hypothecation of Assets created out of our finance.
  • Mortgage of land where primary activities are undertaken, unit is constructed and which forms a part of developmental activity and connected with the activity.

Collateral Security:

For loan on leased hold landed property, if leasehold rights are not mortgaged, Immovable or equivalent Collateral security should be obtained of minimum 100% of the loan amount, out of which at least 50% security by way of Residential/Commercial Properties (Land & Buildings backed by approved building plan).


For Working Capital Limit (for cold storage including onlending to farmers to meet operational expenses of the unit):


Prime Security:
Hypothecation of book debts/receivables i.e. advance payment made to the farmers


Collateral Security:

  • Mortgage of storage unit.
  • Mortgage of landed property other than storage unit in the form of SARFAESI compliant residential/ commercial property,
  • Risk Category Minimum Residential/ Commercial % of Collateral
    Low Risk 25%
    Normal Risk 35%
    Moderate Risk 50%

    However, renewal of existing limit can be permitted with existing security

Repayment Period
  • For Term Loans : Not exceeding 15 years including moratorium of maximum 2 years.
  • Working capital limit shall be valid for 12 months.
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