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The loans are considered for digging pits, masonry work, purchase of gas holder, gas stove, pipelines, accessories and other installation charges.

  • The applicant must have sufficient number of cattle to feed the Bio- gas plant with cow dung.
  • There should be sufficient accommodation for the animals and adequate arrangements for the fodder besides requisite water source.
  • Technical guidance from KVIC / KVIB / BDO / Dept. of Agriculture should be ensured for selection of site, erection / installation of the gas plant and also for its periodical inspection.
  • The party should produce technical feasibility certificate from KVIC/ KVIB/ BDO / Dept. of Agriculture.
Quantum Up to ₹ 1.60 lakhs - Nil
Above ₹ 1.60 lakhs -15-25%
Security Up to ₹ 1.60 lakhs – Hypothecation of assets created out of bank loan,
Above ₹ 1.60 lakhs – Hypothecation of assets plus mortgage of land.
Repayment Period The loan amount should be repaid in 7 years in half yearly / yearly installment.
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