Human Resources Development envisages the growth of the individual in tandem with the organization and aims to achieve synchronization in a bid to attain the goals set out. It also, inter-alia, aims at the upliftment of the individual by ensuring an enabling environment to develop capabilities and to optimize performance. The organization, on its part, would endeavour to tap individual talents and through various initiatives, ingrain in its human resources, a sense of job satisfaction that would, with time, percolates down the line.

Our Bank has, over the years, taken a series of initiatives in ensuring the development of our human resources and a number of time – tested systems have been put in place to hone employee talent and equip them to take the vigours of office and take the measure of the competition. That we have been largely successful in our endeavour is a testimony to the efficacy of our well crafted systems:

  • Entry Interview
  • Training System
  • Incentives for Self Development
  • Employee Suggestion Scheme
  • Staff Meeting
  • Study Circle
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Exit Interview

Entry Interview assumes great significance as it is the first step in the process of enfolding the new entrant in the warmth embrace of "Canbank Family Culture". The pride of being a part of our institution goes a long way in moulding our best asset the human resource. The system of "Entry Interview" paves way for this. Objectives of the system is

  • To introduce the new entrant to the history, ethos, culture, tradition and work ethics of the Bank.
  • To show concern for proper settlement of the new entrant at the work place and to ensure full devotion to work.
  • Proper introduction of the new entrant to all the employees and to create a feeling of oneness and a sense of belonging so that the process of emotional integration is fast and smooth.
  • To lay a firm foundation for enriching partnership between the new entrant and the organization.

Training System

The Visionaries of Canara Bank had, long back, foreseen the importance of imparting professional training to augment the efficiency of the employees. As a result, Bangalore School of Training, the in-house training centre of the Bank, was established on 12.04.1954.

Training is an attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee’s ability to perform through continuous learning. To ensure this a separate Learning and Development Vertical has been carved out under the aegis of Human Resources Wing, Head Office.

Today the Learning and Development vertical has grown into a network of centres spread all across the country which comprises of The Apex Centre of Excellence at Canara Institute of Bank Management (CIBM) at Manipal (ISO 9001:2015 certified), Canara Centre of Excellence at Gurugram and 26 Canara Learning & Development Centres.

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Incentives for Self Development

Knowledge Management of Human Resource is crucial for any business organisation to face the challenges of competition and to march ahead in the field. As knowledge is power, constant updation of knowledge is essential. Besides, the well established and constantly reviewed training system, we have certain incentive schemes as HR initiatives for self development of our employees.

Employee Suggestion Scheme

Employees are the Back Bone of any organisation. Systems & procedures are implemented and new & innovative products are delivered through them. They are the ones who are in constant touch with clients and customers. Hence, they can pinpoint as to where exactly the shoe pinches and are capable of giving their suggestions and ideas for improving the systems, procedures, services, products, etc. To facilitate this, we have a HRD system of Employee Suggestion Scheme in place. This aims at kindling innovative spirit of the employees and recognizing their valuable contributions by way of feasible suggestions.

Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting is one of the oldest format HRD systems of the Bank. It is the most useful participative forum at branch/unit level enlisting involvement of all the employees at all cadres in the effective functioning of the branch/office. It is a free forum for two way communication facilitating both individual development and organizational effectiveness. The concept basically aims at Group Synergy, Team Building, Open Culture, Family Feeling and Talent Recognition which individually and cumulatively benefits the organisation.

Study Circle

The concept of Study Circle aims at self development of employees by instilling a desire to acquire/update knowledge, information and experience. It also kindles and triggers thinking and learning process, thus facilitating personality development. This is an innovative HRD practice of the Bank, envisaging enrichment of general knowledge, enabling multifaceted development of employees, giving an opportunity to employees to discover their talent, come out of their cocoon and exhibit the same. Added advantage is that the same is arranged at the doorstep of the employees for their benefit.

Brainstorming Sessions

This is an old and useful technique for generating ideas and suggestions on a topic of relevance so as to generate different possible solutions to a problem by stimulating thinking and imaginative power of employees. This common technique is well utilized by our Bank, involving employees at all levels and cadres. Having faith in collective wisdom of employees, we have adopted the Brainstorming technique to generate ideas from a cross section of employees on corporate topics of relevance.

Exit Interview

The concept enables to bid a Warm Farewell to exiting employees, remembering their long association, respecting their vast experience and considering their valuable suggestions for organizational benefit. It is an old and well conceived HRD system of the Bank which needs focussed attention to build better employer – employee relationship and to ensure post retirement association with the Bank by way of business and propagation of goodwill.