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  • Safe, Secure and convenient payment method for usage at ATM / POS / Internet. Safer than carrying cash
  • Control / budget / plan your expenditure through prepaid card.
  • Convenience of load / reload of amount as and when required for usage.
  • Reduces risk against fraud by keeping balance to minimum in prepaid card.
  • Well established hassle-free transaction process.
  • Hot listing facility available.
  • Purchase/Refund facility through SB/CA/OD account
  • Lost Card liability protection (T&C apply)
  • ATM/POS Transactions are secured by PIN authentication
  • Internet transactions are secured by OTP authentication


  • Domestic Acceptance Only


  • Non – Personalized


Parameters Canara VISA Prepaid Card- Reloadable
Purpose/Scope Utility Bill Payment /Meal Card /Travel /Payroll /DBT /EBT etc
Scope of Usage Domestic Usage Only
Eligibility All Customers with full KYC Compliance
Minimum Amount / Load Amount ₹.0
Validity Maximum – 5 Years
Maximum balance/ load Amount/ Reload Amount ₹. 10000
In multiples of ₹. 1
Issued to To Customers with Full KYC.
Usage Point ATM , POS, eCommerce
Cash Withdrawal Limit ATMs Minimum : ₹. 100 ; Maximum : up to balance in the Card in multiples of ₹. 100


  • Registration of Mobile Number by Purchaser and furnishing of Beneficiary details including mobile number is mandatory.
  • SB/CA/OD account should have been KYC complied.


  • Intended Purchaser has to approach Canara Bank branch where he/she has SB/CA/OD account.
  • Submit a written request in the prescribed form for purchase of Prepaid/Gift Card.
  • Provide the mandatory details of beneficiary like Name, Address, Mobile No.
  • Authorize Bank to transfer amount from his/her SB/CA/OD account for load/reload purpose.
  • Non-Personalized Cards are instantly issued by the Branch.
  • In case of reload, Purchaser has to submit written request in the prescribed form and authorize Bank to transfer amount from his/her SB/CA/OD account for the purpose.
  • In case of cancellation and refund, Purchaser has to submit written request in the prescribed form


  • Card is issued for domestic usage only i.e., within India.
  • All Merchant Establishments / Internet web sites / Utility Service Providers where VISA / MasterCard/RuPay logo is displayed.
  • At ATMs/POS for Cash Withdrawal
  • For Cash Withdrawal in other Bank ATMs, use option “Credit” while selecting type of account.

Service Charges

Parameters Canara VISA Prepaid Card – Reloadable – Open System
Issue Charges ₹. 50 + GST
Load / Reload Charges ₹. 20 + GST
Charges for cancellation and Redemption after expiry / Refund ₹. 50+GST
Charges for Cash Withdrawal at other Bank ATMs beyond 3/5 financial / nonfinancial transactions ₹. 10/- for nonfinancial Transactions ₹. 20/- for Financial Transactions
Charges for Cash Withdrawal at POS 1% of the Transaction Amount
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