Ever since inception, our Bank has attached high priority to customer satisfaction. Over the years, steps have been taken to come out with a number of innovative measures aimed at achieving higher standards of customer satisfaction.

"Good Banking" - our Bank’s Citizen Charter is yet another endeavour in keeping with the Banks traditional commitment to customer service. Ours is the first Bank in India to distinctly articulate and adopt the code of Good Banking, which has been brought out in the form of a booklet in the year 1993 and revised edition in 1994 and 2001. The revised edition was made in consultation with the users and highlights our Bank’s commitment towards customer satisfaction, thus ensuring accountability and responsibility amongst officials and staff. This charter for customers not only explains our commitment and responsibilities along with the redressal mechanism but also specifies the obligations on the part of customers for healthy practices in customer banker relationships.

This is not a legal document creating rights and obligations. The charter has been prepared to promote fair banking practices and to give information in respect of various activities relating to customer service.

Booklets are available at all our Bank branches/offices. Details are available on the Website of Indian Banks’ Association and NIC, Government of India also.