As per guidelines of Ministry of Finance, the mandatory credit to Minorities was set at 13% of priority sector during 2008-09, to be increased to 15% by March 2010 and sustained during the next three years. Ministry of Finance also stressed in opening of Bank Branches in the Minority Concentrated Districts and exclusive set up at Head Office level for monitoring the progress of Lending to Minority Communities.


Road Map Drawn for Achieving the Mandatory Target:

Our Bank had drawn a road map during the year 2009 and steadily increased to credit flow to Specified Minorities and has achieved the mandatory level as at March 2010 and a maintained consistent level of above 17% to Priority Sector advances, as against the mandatory level of 15% since March 2010.


Our Bank has taken the following initiatives for improve Lending to the Minorities:


  • Nodal executive designated at Head Office to monitor progress under Lending to Minorities.
  • Functioning of exclusive cell for lending to Minority Communities at Head Office.
  • Nodal Officers at Minority Concentrated Districts at all the 5 Lead Districts in the State of Kerala.
  • Credit Campaign during the month of November every year is being exclusively for lending to persons from Minority Communities.

Bank has also initiated several pro-active steps viz., developing the Minority concentrated districts (MCD), designating nodal officers in MCD where our bank is having the lead bank responsibility, organizing credit campaign exclusively targeting the minority communities providing proper training, EDP programmes as a hand holding gesture and a step towards development and empowerment of the Minority Communities.