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Payment of RInfra Electricity Bills


1 Question

Who all are eligible for payment of Electricity bills of Reliance Infra through ATMs?


All Canara Bank Debit Card holders. To start with, the service is available at Canara Bank ATMs in Mumbai only.

2 Question

Whether I can pay RInfra electricity bills through Canara Bank ATM using other bank debit card?


No, the service is available to Canara Bank customers using Canara Bank debit cards only.

3 Question

What are the charges to be paid by me for availing the facility?



4 Question

I am a Canara Bank Customer having Canara Bank debit card of non-Mumbai branch. Whether I can pay RInfra electricity bills through ATMs?


Yes, You can pay RInfra Electricity bills with any of the Canara Bank debit card using ATMs of Canara Bank in Mumbai.

5 Question

Whether any prior registration is required for paying RInfra Electricity bills through ATMs?


No.  Registration is not required for paying RInfra Electricity bills through ATMs.

6 Question

What is the procedure for paying RInfra Electricity Bills through ATMs?


Steps to be followed by customers for payment of Reliance Infrastructure electricity bills through our ATMs -

  • Insert card in the ATM

  • Choose the language and then enter PIN

  • System validates PIN

  • Select MAIN MENU from the options displayed



  • Chooses RELIANCE INFRASTRUCTURE LTD – Electricity Bill Payment option

  • Then enter CONSUMER NUMBER and confirm

  • The Bill details, which contain Company Name, Consumer No, Customer Name and Amount Due, are displayed on the screen.

  • Verify the correctness of the Consumer number, name and the amount displayed on the screen and opt Confirm Payment option for payment. Part payment is not allowed.

  • On confirmation of completion of transaction, ATM prints the successful transaction receipt with response code otherwise, i.e. in case of failure of transaction, ATM prints Transaction declined receipt with response code.

7 Question

I came to know that part payment of RInfra electricity bills is not permitted. My RInfra Electricity bill is above Rs.20000/-.  Whether I can pay the bill through Canara Bank ATMs ?


You can pay RInfra Electricity Bills upto Rs.20000/- only. The ceiling of Rs.20000/- includes any other financial transaction done by the card on the same day.

8 Question

I have paid RInfra Electricity bill through ATM. My account is debited with the bill amount. But my RInfra Electricity bill is showing the same outstanding balance. What should I do?


The effect of the payment of bills in the consumers billing account with Reliance Infrastructure shall be reflected only on next working day. Thus even if you have paid the bill and received a successful transaction receipt from the ATM, you will continue to see the due amount on the ATM till it gets updated in the reliance database by the next working day.

Please note that the date of payment of electricity bill is effective from the date of actual debit of the account of the customer.

RInfra ltd accepts the ATM receipt as a valid proof for payment of electricity bill.

9 Question

I had paid my bills through Canara Bank ATM in the previous month and received successful transaction receipt by the ATM. However, I observe that current month bill contains the previous month's amount also as due. What should I do now?


The chances of occurrence of the incidence as mentioned by you are very rare.

In such instances, Customer should approach the base branch where he/she is maintaining his / her account and give a written complaint in duplicate, about the non-receipt of bill amount by RInfra although his / her account is debited, in the prescribed format as provided by the branch. The branch official after verifying the records will advise the customer suitably.

10 Question

I have paid RInfra Electricity Bill of another consumer by oversight/mistake. Whom should I approach and what is the procedure to get my money back?


The customer should approach the base branch where he/she is maintaining his/her account and give a written complaint in duplicate.

  • The base branch will provide the customer with an account statement authenticated by the branch-in-charge, which will indicate the debit in the customer's account for the bill payment or will provide an advice letter in the prescribed format.

  • Customer shall take-up the case with the electricity company. The electricity company may issue an authorization letter / instruction to the bank for debiting its pooling account by such amount and crediting back the customer's account or may issue a cheque / pay order directly to the customer.

  • Canara Bank branch will not reverse the claimed amount without any authorization letter from the electricity company authorities.