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FAQs on SMS Alerts


Q.1 What is SMS alert Service ?

Ans: SMS refers to Short Messaging System. In our Bank we send messages to the customers who opt for alert service, informing them the balance in their account at periodical intervals and also whenever any transaction happens in the account (if the amount is more than Rs 5000/-)

Q.2 Who is eligible to apply for this service ?

Ans: Any customer who is having CASA account in the Bank. CASA refers to Current and Savings account which also includes Overdraft and Cash Credit accounts.

Q.3. How to apply for SMS alert service ?

Ans: Just visit the Branch where you have your account and inform them of your intention to have SMS alerts facility and give a letter to that effect.

Q.4. What are the services available under SMS Alert Services ?

Ans: At present Balance alerts,Transaction alerts and warning messages alerting against the phishing attacks are being sent.

Q.5 What are the benefits of SMS alert registration ?

Ans: Customer is informed of transactions happening in the account in addition to balance. This will help the customer to have better control on his balance in the account. It also helps him to know whether any transaction happened in his account without his knowledge and also helps him to take corrective steps in case the transaction is not a genuine one.

 Q.6 On sms alerts Will I be charged for the SMS alert service ?

Ans: At present no charges are levied on the customer for sending the alerts.

Q.7 What if I changed my Mobile Number ?

Ans: You need to inform the base Branch (where you maintain your account) about the change and request them to make changes accordingly in the system.

Q.8. If I delete a message by mistake, can you send me again ?

Ans: No. Since it is informatory in nature and is done automatically by the system you cannot request for the deleted message again.

Q.9. On which phone will the service work ?

Ans: You can have this facility on your mobile phone irrespective of who the service provider is.

Q.10. Whom to contact if I am facing problem with SMS alert Services ?

Ans: If it is on account of handset problem, you need to consult Mobile Service providers. To enquire about the discrepancy observed if any, you need to contact your branch.

Q.11. Can I cancel the Service for all registered Accounts ?

Ans: Yes. If you are not interested in receiving the alerts, you are free to ask for removal of the facility. You need to inform this to the branch where you got registered the facility.

Q.12. Why balance alerts come for different accounts on different Dates ? Why not on a particular Date ?

Ans: This depends on the Date of opening your account with the Branch. Date of sending Balance alert coincides with this Date. For example if the date of opening the account is 7th then every 7th of the month you will get the balance alert. However, Transaction alerts are sent immediately (within max 20 minutes) after successful completion of the same.

Q.13. What are the general reasons for non delivery of the SMS ?

Ans: Hand set problem
Mobile accounts where roaming not allowed
Mobile out of coverage areas etc
Mobile network related problems