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Most Important Terms And Conditions (MITC) For Canara Credit Card



Canara Credit Card holder/s are permitted to draw cash at any of our designated Branches where Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machine is installed, and at ATMs upto stipulated limit. A Cash withdrawal fee at the rate of 3% with a minimum of Rs. 30/, for every Rs. 1000/, or part thereof would be charged on all such transactions and billed to the Principal Cardholder in the monthly statement. The fee is subject to change and at the discretion of the Bank. Service Tax as applicable will also be charged. Use of other Bank’s ATMs attract extra charges levied by them.


This fee is applicable only when the card turnover is below a minimum stipulated amount during a card year. This fee is applicable for both Primary and adds on card/s. These fees, including fees for any add on Cardholder/s as applicable, are charged to the Principal cardholders credit card account on completion of each card year and will be reflected in the monthly credit card statement of the month in which it is charged.


Fees and Charges, as may be applicable from time to time, are payable by cardholder/s for specific services provided to the Cardholder or for defaults by the cardholder with reference to his/her card account.
Tariff structure is subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of Canara Bank, with due intimation to the cardholder. Such charges, other than changes in rate of interest will be made with prospective effect giving notice of at least 30 days.
As per standing rules of concerned tax authorities, Service tax (presently 10% service tax and 3% education cess thereon) will be levied on all fees, and other charges.


TARIFF SHEET APPLICABLE AS ON 01-04-2008 (Service Tax as applicable extra)

Enrolment fee

Canara Card Visa corporate  (Main card)

Rs 250

Annual Fee

Canara Card Visa corporate (Only for Add on cards):

Rs 400

Card Inactivity Fee            

Canara Card Visa corporate  (Main & Add on):


Canara Card Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard- Main card
Applicable only if the card turnover during the card year is less than Rs. 12000/-    


Canara Card Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard- Add on cards:
Applicable only if the card turnover during the card year is less than Rs. 12000/-


Canara Card Gold (Main & Add on) –:
Applicable only if the card turnover during the card year is less than Rs. 25000/-


Enrollment and Annual Fee free upto August 2013

Free Credit Period:

Upto 50 days

Charges on Revolved Amount, Where the cardholder has been permitted Revolving Credit facility, the cardholder needs to pay only the minimum due amount indicated in the bill. The unpaid portion will only attract service charges:

2.5% p.m.
(30% p.a.) From the due date

Minimum repayment on Revolving Credit:

5% of the billed amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 100

Mark up in case of Transaction in           foreign currency:

Upto 3%

Duplicate Statement:

Rs. 10 per page

Cheque dishonor charges or unsuccessful payment instructions:

Rs. 50

Card year is the 12 months period from the month of issue of the card viz if the card is issued in May 2008, then card year is  "May 2008 to April 2009".    

Cash advance Limit (against credit card account)        

Visa classic/MasterCard standard card:

50% of the credit Limit with a maximum of Rs 50,000/-

Canara card Gold

50% of the credit Limit with a per  day maximum Limit of Rs 35,000/-

Canara Card Visa corporate

50% of the credit Limit with a maximum over all Limit of Rs 5.00 lac. Maximum cash limit for individual             Add on card is Rs.  25,000

Transaction fee for cash withdrawal against your Credit account at our ATMs and branches

3% of the transaction amount subject to a minimum of Rs. 30/- for every Rs. 1000 or part thereof.

*Use of other Bank ATMs attracts extra charges levied by the respective banks.


Copy of charge slip:

Domestic Rs. 100/-
International US $10/- or equivalent

Original Charges slip: If processed by our Bank

USD 2.00*

If Procured from other Bank          

USD 6.00 *
* Approximate rupee equivalent is charged

Collection charges for outstation cheques

Rs. 100 per instrument+other banks charges if any

Charges in respect of notices reminders sent to cardholders having overdues

Rs. 50/- per notice



Delayed payment beyond due date
For Revolver: -
For Non revolver:-


2% Minimum - Rs. 10/-. Maximum - Rs. 150/-
2% Minimum Rs. 20/- Maximum - Rs. 300/-

  • Return of FTV

      First return: -
Each Subsequent return:-


Rs. 100/-
Rs. 300/-

All other out of pocket expenses incurred for any services rendered will be collected in addition to the fees/charges mentioned above.

Note: All fees / charges are subject to change and at the discretion of the Bank. The changes in fees / charges and the effective date will be indicated in the bills. Bills will be generated only when there is a billable transaction for the billing month. Hence in the event bill is not generated for want of billable transaction, the modified levy, modified fees / charges are deemed to have been conveyed to the cardholder.



Interest free repayment period ranges from minimum of 20 days to a maximum of 50 days. However, fees / Service charges, as applicable, is payable for cash withdrawal / for usage at petrol bunks, Railways etc.

Example: Card Limit Rs. 25000.00 A purchase of Rs. 11000.00 was made on

21.5.2007 included in our bill dated 20.6.2007 for which payment due date is 10.7.2007.
Date of purchase     :           21 st May 2007
Date of Statement    :           20th June 2007
Due Date                   :           10th July 2007
Interest free Period  :           21st May 2007 to 9th July, 2007 ‘ 50 days.

If the cardholder has opted for revolving payment and he is a FTV cardholder, we will be recovering Rs. 550.00 from his operative account maintained at the branch. If the cardholder pays Rs. 10450.00 on or before 10.7.2007 directly to Card Division, no service charges will be levied in our bill dated 20.7.2007.

If the payment does not reach Card Division by 10.7.2007, we will be levying service charges of Rs. 261.25 and service tax as applicable to his card account on 20.7.2007.
If the cardholder makes part payment of Rs. 5000.00 on or before 10.7.2007, we will be levying service charges on the differential amount of Rs. 5450.00 amounting to Rs. 136.25 and service tax as applicable.

IF the bill of Rs. 550.00 sent to the branch is returned, the service charges levied in our bill-dated 20.7.2007 will be Rs. 275.00 and service tax as applicable.

If the card is used beyond the card limit, then excess liability is added to the monthly installment. The unpaid balance in the card account attracts service charges @ 2.5% per month compounded (i.e. 30% per annum) or at such modified rates as decided by the Bank from time to time.

This card is valid for usage globally, however, foreign exchange transactions are not allowed in Nepal and Bhutan as per RBI guidelines. Cardholders are required to use the card strictly as per exchange control regulations and any failure to do so will attract action under Foreign Exchange Management Act. The responsibility of adhering to FEMA guidelines in force while using Canara Credit Cards totally vests with the Cardholders. Foreign exchange transactions are permitted as per exchange control regulations of the country where it is used. This card should not be used for payment of any illegal purchase, terrorist financing, money laundering and are required to use the card within foreign exchange limits as per the extant guidelines of RBI.
In respect of cards issued to NRI, repayment should come from their NRI/FCNR/NRO accounts only.
All our Canara cardholders are advised to surrender their card if used abroad, immediately on return from their Trip, and get a fresh card in its place, free of cost.



Cardholder is assigned with a credit limit along with a cash limit to the credit card account, which may be varied by the Bank from time to time as provided, or by notice to credit cardholder.

Credit limit is the maximum amount, which can be outstanding against the credit card account at any given time. Transactions beyond this limit will be declined till the credit card account is funded fully or partly. There is also a sub limit under the overall limit, up to which cash can be drawn, if balance is available in the card limit/Cash limit. There are sub limits for different category of transactions as a fraud prevention measure for protecting the interests of Cardholders.

The available credit limit on the credit card account is the assigned credit limit less the total amount due. The cardholder may refer to the Card Division to ascertain the available credit limit during its business hours.

The cardholder may apply for a review of his assigned credit limit at any time duly providing proof of income. Canara Bank, Card Division, as result of a reasonable assessment of credit risks associated with the credit card account may increase or decrease the credit limit.

The Bank may at its sole discretion and without the cardholder having to make a specific request, renew a card whose validity has expired or is going to expire for further period unless the cardholder specifically indicates his wish to the contrary, 60 days prior to the date of expiry, and upon such renewal all the terms and conditions hereof shall apply to such renewed card.



When the credit card account has an outstanding balance, Bank will send a monthly-itemized statement of account at the mailing address indicating the payments credited and the transactions debited to the cardholder’s account since the last statement.

Normally the bills will be generated on the following days:

a.         Canara Card Visa Classic/Gold and Corporate cards 20th of every month.
b.         Canara Card MasterCard Standard/ Gold Cards: last working day of the calendar month.

The statement will be dispatched to cardholders within 3 days from the respective billing date. If the cardholder does not receive the statement within 10 days from the date of billing, he should contact the Card Division for issue of duplicate Bill.
Non - receipt of statements does not absolve the cardholder from his obligations and liabilities.

Revolving Credit facility is an easy way to pay card dues in installments i.e. the Cardholder, with, prior written request, has the option to pay the card dues in monthly installments @ 5% of the outstanding liability (with minimum Rs. 100/-) in the card account as on the due date.

If the card is used beyond the card limit, then excess liability is added to the monthly installment. The unpaid balance in the card account attracts service charges @ 2.5% per month compounded, (i.e. 30% per annum) or at such modified rates as decided by the Bank from time to time.

There are two types of billing for our Cardholder viz., direct billing, and debit to operative account of the cardholder with our Bank Branches. Cardholder while applying for a card needs to indicate the mode of payment.

Under direct billing, settlement of bills can be made by the cardholder in any of the following modes by tendering:

1. Cheques drawn on local branches / bank to any of the Card Service centres.
2. Demand Draft favouring, Canara Bank Card Division, Head Office drawn on   Bangalore & delivered at Card Service centres.
3. Sending the Demand draft drawn on Bangalore or cheque payable at any of the branches / Banks in Bangalore directly to Card Division, H.O. Bangalore.


All activities under a dispute resolution of Visa/Master Card international are time bound and no leverage would be allowed. If any error in a transaction is noticed, the cardholder should dispute the same within seven days from the date of receipt of statement of account. After the lapse of the time stipulated, it will be construed that all charges are acceptable and in order.
In case of any dispute in billing statement please contact our Customer Relation Section Immediately.


In the event of default in payment of the card dues by the due date or breach of any clause of the terms and conditions, the Cardholder will be sent reminders from time to time for payment of any outstanding on the credit card account, by post, fax, telephone, email, SMS alerts or through third parties appointed for collection purposes to remind, follow up and collect dues. Any third party so appointed, shall adhere to the India Banks’ Association code of conduct on debit collection, All the charges incurred in respect of the above will be charged to the card holders account and are to be borne by them.
The entire outstanding dues under the card shall become payable in full immediately on the death, insolvency or winding up of business of the cardholder or if the cardholder commits any breach of the terms and conditions. In the event of cardholder, which is a company being ordered to be wound up, the individual who has actually made use of the card shall be personally liable to pay for the goods or services availed by making use of the Card.


The cardholder may at any time, by giving a clear seven days notice to the issuer in writing, terminate the agreement so as to the use of the card, provided that the cardholder destroys the card completely and in such a manner that the same cannot be reused and the destruction of the card is confirmed to the Bank in writing. The cardholder shall continue to be liable for all the dues incurred in respect of the transactions in the card till such termination and also for misuse of the card at a later date due to non-destruction or incomplete destruction of the card. The issuer reserves the right to cancel the card and/or withdraw the privileges extended to the cardholder under the card at any time without notice and without assigning any reason. Such cancellation or withdrawal shall not be deemed to cast any reflection on the creditworthiness, standing or reputation of the cardholder and the issuer shall not be liable for any monetary loss, loss of repute, mental agony or other inconvenience, if any, suffered/ allegedly suffered by the cardholder due to such cancellation or withdrawal.

The issuer shall have the absolute right to retrieve the cancelled/withdrawn card (including all add-on cards related thereto) either through its representative / agent and the cardholders shall be bound to hand over such card peacefully to such representative/agent. Continued possession and/or use of such card by the cardholder or any of the representatives of the cardholder would constitute an illegal act exposing the cardholder to legal proceedings.

If the card /add-on card is lost/stolen, the cardholder shall immediately notify the issuer with full details, including the cardholders name, the card number and its validity period as embossed on the card. If this information is given orally, it must be confirmed in writing within seven days. The cardholder shall furnish to the issuer all information in his/her possession as to the circumstances to loss/theft and take all reasonable steps, such as inform the issuer by quickest mode of communication, lodge a complaint with local police etc., to recover the lost/stolen card and also shall assist the issuer to recover it. A fee of Rs.300/ per card or such other amount as may be fixed by the Bank from time to time shall be charged to the Cardholder for hot listing the lost/stolen card.

This fee has to be paid compulsorily whether the lost/stolen card is to be replaced or not. Subject to’ compliance by the cardholder, with these requirements, the cardholders liability arising as a result of any other person unauthorized using lost/stolen card after the receipt by the issuer of information of the loss / theft of the card, will be limited to a maximum extent of Rs. 1000/- only. In case of Gold card, the lost liability is nil from the point of receipt of report of loss/theft by the Card division. In case the cardholder recovers the card which was reported as lost/stolen, he/she shall not make any further use of it and it shall be surrendered to the issuer along with a full report giving the details of its recovery.

The cardholder acknowledges the right of the Bank to provide details of his/her account including those of any add-on cardholder(s) to third party agencies for the purpose of availing support services of any nature by the Bank, without any specific consent or authorization from him/her or any add-on cardholders.
The cardholder further acknowledges that the Bank is authorized to share information relating to cardholder/add-on cardholder(s), including information relating to any default committed by the cardholder in discharge of his / her obligation, as the Bank may deem appropriate and necessary within any existing or future credit bureau/credit reference agencies as determined by the Bank from time to time. Accordingly the cardholder(s) gives consent, to disclose information to such credit bureaus/credit reference agencies. Such entities may further make available processed information or data or products thereof to banks/financial institutions and other credit grantors.
The cardholder further authorizes the Bank to use information or data relating to him/her and add-on cardholder(s) whether provided by him/her or otherwise, in connection with the offer, sale or distribution of the Bank’s products and services to the cardholder/add-on cardholder.
The cardholder expressly authorizes the Bank to provide information relating to credit history/ repayment record of the cardholder to a credit information company (specifically authorized by RBI) in terms of Credit information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005.
The cardholder further authorizes the Bank that in the event of default of payment of card dues, the Bank at its discretion, report the default status of the credit Cardholder to the Credit information Bureau of India Ltd. (CIBIL) or any other credit information company authorized by RBI.


Bank communicates various features, products, and promotional offer, which offer significant benefit to you, from time to time. If you do not wish to be informed about such benefits through telephone calls/SMS/E-mail, you can subscribe for the “DO NOT CALL” service. Please fill up the form given below and mail it to Canara Bank, Card Division, Naveen Complex, #14, M.G. Road, Bangalore - 560 001. Your request will be implemented within 30 days from the date of its receipt.


B.N: The contents of this brochure are only a gist of information. For more details on conditions, rules & regulations, any additions/ deletions/ modifications, other charges etc. please contact any of our MPID Section, Circle Office / Branches nearest to your place


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