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What is a Canara Bank Debit Card?

A Canara Bank Debit Card is a plastic card which provides access to ATMs for cash withdrawals, balance enquiries and mini statement.  It also provides on-line electronic payment for purchases from your savings / current (individual) accounts.

What are the variants of Canara Bank Debit Card?

Canara Bank Debit Card – Classic/Standard
Canara Bank Debit Card – Platinum
Canara Business Debit card
Canara Campus Debit card

Whether Debit Cards can be issued in Joint accounts with operation condition “Jointly “ ?

Yes. The Debit Cards can be issued to 2 Signatories in Joint Accounts with operation condition Jointly. Joint operation in ATMs using two cards with two distinct PINs, for withdrawal of cash, in case of Joint Accounts with operation condition “Jointly” and having only two joint holders, is available. However, such cards shall be issued at specific request of the Account Holder and shall be used only for Cash withdrawal in our bank ATM’s only.

What is PIN (Personal Identification Number)?
PIN is a unique 4 digit number that allows you to access your account through Debit Card at ATMs.
Please keep your PIN safe.  Please memorize the PIN.  Do not write the same on any material which is accessible to unauthorized persons.  Do not divulge the PIN to anybody, even to Banks’ personnel.  Do not keep the PIN and the Debit Card together.

How can I get a Debit Card?
Debit card can be obtained from the branch of Canara Bank where you maintain the account by filling a Debit Card application form. In case of Non-Personalized card (without name) the card would be issued instantly. In case of Personalized card (with name) the card would be issued within 7-8 working days

I have not received my personalized card even after 10 days of giving the request at the branch?
Please contact the branch.  You will get an SMS on your registered mobile number on dispatch of the Card to your branch. 

I have received the Debit Card but the PIN is not legible.

You should contact the card issuing branch and request for issue of replacement Card.  Please destroy the old card.  Bank will not preserve the PIN number and hence no reprint of the PIN is possible.  PIN has to be generated afresh for the card.  You can collect the replacement card & PIN from the branch after 7 working days.

Where my Debit card can be used?

Debit Card can be used on all the ATMs & merchant establishments displaying Visa/MasterCard/RuPay logo. You can also use your card for payments on the Internet. Debit card issued will be of Domestic validity. On specific request Debit cards with global validity will be issued.

How does the Debit Card work?
Insert your Debit card in ATM and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. On POS you need to swipe the card and sign the Bill after verifying the amount.

What is the validity of Canara Bank Debit Card?
Validity of Debit cards are till the last day of the month shown under “valid thro’ on the face of the card.

Are there any transaction limits for the Debit Card?
For Canara Bank Debit Card – Standard/Classic the Cash Withdrawal at ATMs is limited to Rs 40,000 per day and for purchase transaction Rs. 1,00,000 per day

For Canara Bank Debit Card – Platinum, Cash withdrawal limit is Rs. 50,000 per day and for purchase transaction Rs. 2,00,000 per day.

If Debit card is lost or misplaced what should I do?
Please call 1800 425 0018 to get the card hotlisted / blocked. Also inform the Branch where the card is issued, for blocking the card.

Now Canara Bank Debit Card can be hot-listed / blocked by sending SMS to 5607060 from Card Holders’ mobile number registered with the Bank as follows.

  • CAN {space} HOTLISTDC {space} CARD NUMBER (16 digits)

Card Holder will get confirmatory SMS Alert on hot-listing the Card.

Is there any Fee for the issuance of Debit card?

Debit Card is issued free of cost for the first year of issuance. An Annual fee of Rs. 100 + service tax is applicable for Canara Bank Debit Cards - Classic/Standard from the second year onwards. Annual fee will be collected on 1ST  anniversary date of issue of debit card and every year till expiry of the card.

In the case of Canara Bank Debit Card - Platinum, in addition to annual fee, there is Card Inactivity Fee. Where the Card is not used for a minimum of Rs. 50,000 for purchase in a period of 12 months, the Card Inactivity Fee is Rs. 300 + service tax. Card inactivity fee is waived for Business Debit card til 31.03.2018.

Is there any charge levied for use of the card for Cash withdrawal?
No charge is levied for use of the card for cash withdrawal at Canara Bank ATMs. For cash withdrawals at other Bank ATMs, please refer to “Service Charges” Section in our Home Page.

Can a fresh Debit card be issued in lieu of lost/damaged card and what is the amount to be charged?
Cards damaged due to ware and tare will be replaced free of cost.  Cards issued in replacement of lost card will be charged ` 50.  However, hotlisting charge of ` 150 will be collected in all cases.

If lost card is subsequently found/traced and restored to cardholder, can it be reactivated?
Card once hot listed / blocked cannot be re-activated. You can make a request for issue of a fresh card.

What is Mini Statement?
It is a statement of account showing last 10 transactions made in the account.

How should I maintain the secrecy of PIN?
If at any time you feel that the PIN has been inadvertently or otherwise divulged to any one, you should change the PIN through any Canara Bank ATM immediately.

How often can I change the PIN?
PIN can be changed any number of times.

How many accounts maximum can be linked to my Debit card?
Maximum of 4 accounts held in the same name and same capacity can be linked to a Debit card.

Does Bank bear any liability for unauthorized use of the Card?
No. The responsibility is solely vested with the cardholder.

What is CVV No.?
On the back of Debit card (Classic/Standard/Platinum) there are 7 digits out of which the last 3 digits are the card CVV no. This number can be used only for transactions on the Internet.

What is Add-On card facility?
There is no Add on Card facility for Canara Bank Debit Cardholders.

Whether PAN is compulsory for applying for Debit card?

Yes. PAN is compulsory as per RBI guidelines. Wherever PAN is not available, form No. 60/61 as applicable has to be submitted.

Whether Debit card can be issued to joint accounts?

Debit card can be issued to joint accountholders where the operation condition is “severally”

.My Debit card doesn’t work successfully on ATMs?
Debit Card does not work successfully on ATMs due to any of the following reasons;

  • You may be using the card before the expiry of 3 working days of receipt of the card from the branch, the time required for activation of the card.
  • You may not have swiped the card properly. Try 2 to 3 times.
  • The magnetic stripe of your card has been damaged / deteriorated due to which it is not accepted by any ATM where the card reader may be weak. In such a case you may try at another nearby ATM and if still does not work, get it replaced by a new one from the Card issuing branch free of cost.
  • Your account may be inoperative or frozen at branch level due to some reason. Please contact your branch to know the account status.
  • You may be using wrong PIN.
  • You might have selected the wrong account type i.e. savings instead of current or vice-versa.
  • Connectivity from the ATM to your branch has failed. In such case please try after some time or use another ATM nearby.

My Debit card works successfully on Canara Bank ATMs but not on other Bank’s ATMs.
The problem may be due to connectivity failure at other bank ATM. Please try after some time when connectivity is restored. Alternately you may try another ATM nearby.

My Debit card works successfully on ATMs but not at POS terminals.
Debit card does not work successfully on POS terminals due to any of the following reasons;

  • Connectivity failure at that particular time.
  • Weak card reader of POS.
  • Magnetic stripe of the card deteriorated / damaged.

You may use the card after some time when the connectivity is restored.  Where the magnetic strip is damaged, you may obtain replacement card through your branch of issue, free of cost.

My card doesn’t work on few ATMs of Canara Bank.

The quality of the magnetic stripe of your card may be damaged / deteriorated due to which it is not accepted by few ATMs where the card reader may also be weak. Try at some other nearby ATM. In such case you may get the card replaced by a new one through your Canara Bank branch, free of cost


What is the Insurance cover available for RuPay Debit card:

NPCI offers accident Insurance of Rs. 1 Lakh for RuPay card and Rs. 2 Lakhs for RuPay Platinum cards. The Insurance is available till 31.03.2016 and further extension is at the discretion of NPCI.


Whether second Debit card will be issued to a cardholder.

Customer owning Visa/MasterCard Debit card will be issued with RuPay Debit card as an additional card. Overall daily usage limit of both the cards together is as applicable to the first card.