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Canara Visa Classic / Mastercard Standard Global Card

Canara VISA Classic / MASTERCARD Standard CREDIT Cards:

This is an entry-level card, which is brought out in association with VISA international/ MasterCard and enjoys worldwide acceptance. Canara card Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard is designed to meet your moderate life style with anything you might need to make your experience a sheer pleasure.

Features of Visa Classic/MasterCard Standard Cards


Details (For Individuals)


A) Satisfactory dealings B) Min. Income limit Rs. 1,00,000 p.a. Minimum card limit Rs. 10000.

Maximum card limit-

30% of annual income at the discretion of the card division. Maximum card limit Rs. 3 Lakhs

Enrollment Fee


Free Credit period

Up to 50 days

Minimum repayment on Revolving Credit

5% of the billed amount subject to min. Rs.100

Cash advance limit (against credit card account)

50% of the credit limit with a maximum limit of Rs. 50000

Cash withdrawal at all ATMs

Available. In other bank ATMs charges as applicable

Replacement card free of cost on usage abroad upon returning to India (on request)


Complimentary Insurance cover for Accident Death Baggage insurance Purchase protection Cover Lost card Liability

Death due to Air crash Self --- Rs 4,00,000 lakhs Spouse–Rs 2,00,000 lakhs Death due to other than Air crash Self -----Rs 2,00,000 lakhs Spouse- Rs 1,00,000 lakh Rs 25,000 Rs 25,000 Restricted to maximum of Rs. 2000/- from the time of authentic information of loss of card at our end.

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Billing Date & Payment due dates:


Billing Date

Due date for payment

Canara Card VISA Classic

20th of every month

10th of the succeeding month

Canara card MasterCard Standard

Last day of the month

20th of the succeeding month