Card Services

Canara Campus Card

For the Students …

  • Canara campus card will be issued to the students of the college/Institution, which has tied up with Canara Bank for this scheme.
  • The card bears the photo of the cardholder student on the front side and thus serves as an identity card besides the functions of a normal Debit card.
  • The student shall have an account with any of Canara Bank branch.
  • Students can use the card to:
    • To withdraw cash from ATMs
    • To make purchases with the card
    • To pay fees to the institution.
  • Other features of the CCC like daily withdrawal limits from ATMs, for transactions at POS, charges for usage of the card, hotlisting the card, issuance of replacement card, etc. will be the same as our normal Debit Card.
  • The card is valid till completion of the course pursued by the students shown in the application form. On completion of the course, our normal Debit cards may be issued to him/her after canceling the Canara Campus card following our existing procedure.
  • Mobile top up facility and other Value added services available at our ATMs shall be provided to Canara Campus cardholders also.
  • The student shall fill up the prescribed application forms for opening the account, obtaining Internet Mobile banking facility and submit the same to the Institution along with photo.
  • Where the student already has an account with the core banking branch / designated branch of the bank, the educational institution shall collect the details of the same from the student for incorporating the same in the details to be provided to the Bank for producing CCC.
  • Internet banking facility shall be made available to the student as per the existing procedure.
  • Where the student has no account with the Bank's core banking branch/designated branch, the Educational institution shall collect duly filled in and signed SB account opening forms and other forms wherever required from the students and authenticate the identity and address of the student and submit the same to the Bank with the recommendations, identity proof, proof of address and  photos of the students.  In case, the students are foreign nationals / NRIs / PIOs, certified copy of the passport shall be submitted along with the SB account opening form.

For the Educational Institution…

  • When cards other than Canara campus cards are used in the POSEDC machines installed at the College/Institution, commission @ agreed rate of the transaction amount shall be collected by the college/Institution and paid to our Bank.
  • The college/Institution shall source the card application in the prescribed format including the photo of the students and submit the same to the branch. Residual duration of the course of the student and month of completion of the course shall be mentioned in the application, as the card will have validity till completion of the course only.
  • The educational institution shall open its Bank account with the Bank for depositing / crediting fees and other payables by the students.
  • The educational institution shall arrange to produce an electronic file in the format prescribed by the Bank giving details of the students.
  • The educational institution shall receive the CCC and PIN mailers from the Bank, acknowledge its receipt and distribute the same to the students against their acknowledgement.
  • The educational institution shall advise the students to seek linking of their CCC with the branch where they have opened the account.
  • The educational institution shall allow the bank to use its logo / emblem / name etc on the CCC specifically for the purpose of producing the CCC.
  • The educational institution shall also accept all its fees and other dues through the CCC or other cards issued by the Bank to the students.
  • The educational institution shall provide space and allow Bank to install its point of sale (POS) terminals in the premises of the educational institution.  The educational institution shall execute a separate agreement with the Bank for becoming Member Establishment of POS terminals and its usage.


Features of the Card

  • Canara Campus Card is a variant of Debit Card issued to the students.
  • It is issued co-branded with reputed Educational Institutions.
  • Bank will provide rent free Point of Sale Electronic Data Capturing Machine (POSEDC) at the Campus of the College.
  • No merchant commission will be collected from the Institutions where the Canara Campus Cards are used at the POSEDC machines provided by us.
  • The Canara Campus Card can be used like any other normal Debit Card besides using it to pay College Fees.
  • The Student and the Institution shall open an account with the core banking branch of the bank.



  • All students of the institution that have entered into the tie up agreement with the Bank for issue of CCC and have completed 13 years of age are eligible for issue of CCC.  However, the student should have an operative account with the core banking branch of Canara Bank.  If he/she does not have an account with the core banking branch, he/she shall open an account there.
  • Joint accounts are not eligible for issue of Canara Campus Card.
  • No add on cards will be issued.



The Scheme is available in all the branches.