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∎ The Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) is an RBI mandated system which offers integrated and interoperable bill payment services to customers across India with certainty, reliability and security.
It offers bill payment services to customers through a network of agents, allowing multiple payment modes and provides instant confirmation. It will facilitate a cashless society through migration of bill payments from cash to electronic channels.

∎ BBPS covers repetitive bill payments for everyday utility services such as-
    1. Electricity
    2. Water
    3. Gas
    4. Telecom (Mobile Postpaid, Landline Postpaid, Broadband)
    5. Direct-to-Home (DTH).
Gradually, the scope would be expanded to include other types of repetitive payments like
    1. Insurance Premium
    2. Mutual Funds
    3. School Fees
    4. EMIs
    5. Municipal Taxes etc.

BBPS facilitates a plethora of payment modes through which a consumer can make bill payments. The payment modes available are Cash, Cards (Credit, Debit & Prepaid), IMPS, UPI, AEPS, Internet Banking & UPI, and Wallets.
However, Canara Bank has enabled only Internet and Mobile Banking as of now and we are in the process of enabling other channels as well.

BBPS transactions can be initiated through multiple payment channels both Online and Offline.

Online Channels-
    1. Internet banking
    2. Mobile banking
    3. POS (Point of Sale terminal)
    4. MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale terminal)
    5. KIOSK

Offline channels-
    1. ATM
    2. Bank Branch
    3. Agents(the customer touch points and service points)
    4. Business Correspondents.

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has been authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as the Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit (BBPCU), which is responsible for setting business standards, rules and procedures for technical and business requirements for all participants. The BBPCU undertakes clearing and settlement activities related to transactions routed through BBPS.

Agents are the customer touch points and service points in the BBPS Ecosystem which will be available in the following forms:
    1. Branch offices
    2. Collection Centres
    3. Retail Outlets and Other Service Points.
An Agent would be the sole touch-point for Customers to walk in at any Outlet/Service point with the BBPS Logo and make a bill payment.
Agents accept bill payments through various modes. Agents may be on-boarded either directly by BBPOU or by Agent Institutions to offer BBPS services.

A consumer is an entity who wants to make a bill payment to any biller that is a part of the BBPS system.
Consumers can make any bill payment e.g.
    DTH etc. either online or through any BBPS Agent Outlet.
The BBPS enabled Agent Outlet could be any retail store or a Bank branch with the BBPS Logo or Banner.

Billers are the service providers who shall receive payments from customers for the services rendered. By participating in the BBPS scheme, the biller will be able to receive payments from third party channels for the services provided to the customer.
The major category of billers would be many utility billers like
    Telecom(Post-paid and Landline)
Over a period of time, School/University fees, Municipal taxes etc. would be accepted. The category of billers eligible to participate in BBPS will be specified from time to time by RBI.

For a Biller to join BBPS, 4 simple steps have to be followed:
1. Select up to two default BBPOUs for participating in the BBPS scheme
2. Submit the ""Biller Consent Form"" and required details to the concerned BBPOUs/NPCI
3. Ensure communication with BBPOUs over a secure channel
4. Provide bill information parameters

A biller can choose up to two default BBPOUs under the BBPS scheme.

This will be based on a mutual understanding and agreement executed between the biller and the BBPOU. It is the prerogative of the biller to appoint two default BBPOUs. The BBPOU will have to produce an agreement in this regard. The default operating unit would be responsible for-
  1. Configuring the biller on BBPS
  2. Provide data feed for all types of bill related queries
  3. Payment and would be responsible for settlement of funds with the biller
  4. OOn behalf of the biller, must respond to the online messages for bill fetch and bill payment either online / offline, single/ bulk.

1.Offline A: Billers who share their bill data to the Biller BBPOU as per their cycle on a daily basis. In this case the BBPOU stands in for the biller.
2.Offline B:Billers who are unable to give bill data to the BBPOU on a regular basis and authorize the Biller BBPOU to accept bills on their behalf i.e. without validation.

Yes, all the biller categories currently being served by the BBPS platform will have to register with BBPS.

Billers will be on-boarded in BBPS by BBPOUs only. BBPOUs will send a formal request for approval to BBPCU for addition of a new billers? name when on-boarded after completion of all formalities and compliance with the standards set by BBPCU for on-boarding of billers.
After receiving the approval of BBPCU, the BBPOU will add the entry of the newly on-boarded biller, who will then be listed under the respective BBPOUs? profile. BBPCU shall issue a unique id for each biller. Same information will be updated to all the system participants based on the BBPCUs? authorization/approval.
Thereafter, the biller will be part of BBPS and available as ON-US biller for the on-boarding BBPOU and OFF-US biller for the other BBPOUs.

A BBPOU may delist a biller, inter-alia, for any of the following reasons:
  1. In case of breach of BBPS guidelines
  2. In case of agreement failure between BBPOU and billers
  3. In case the biller company declares Bankruptcy
  4. IIn case the biller has indulged in fraudulent practices in billing or collection
  5. Any unforeseen circumstances or contingency matters that compromise or jeopardize the system.
For delisting a biller, the BBPOU will give a formal intimation/ advice to the BBPCU as soon as the event necessitating delisting occurs, but in no case later than 30 days.

1. Ensure communication with the BBPOUs over a secure channel
2. Credit the Biller?s account on receipt of the payment transaction
3. Work with BBPOU to resolve the complaints and disputes within the prescribed TATs
4. Billers must reconcile the funds remitted by the Biller OU on a daily/regular basis
5. Billers should provide key necessary response parameters as part of the messaging system

1. It?s a Cost-effective platform
2. Provides access to a wider bill collection network both- Online and offline
3. Low entry barriers
4. Centralized Complaint and Settlement Dispute management
5. Assurance of dealing with entities authorized by RBI
6. Guaranteed settlement cycles
7. It is a Bill payment system driven by standards and scheme governance

The biller may change the default BBPOU for valid reasons after giving a prior notice of 60 days to the existing default BBPOU and BBPCU.
On being satisfied with the reasons adduced for the requested change, the BBPCU will carry out the necessary changes and advise the system participants.

Bharat Bill Payments System (BBPS) is an integrated online platform developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for utility bill payments.
The platform provides an inter operable service through a network of agents i.e. Internet banking, Mobile banking and Retail outlets for a consumer to make a bill payment, at one place.
Anytime, Anywhere!

The biggest advantage is that the consumer has the "Control" of all his bills at one place and can be paid anywhere and anytime.
A transaction can be done on any customer facing channel be it Electronic (like Internet, Mobile, Kiosk ATMs etc.) or Physical outlets like branches, retail outlets across the country via Cash, Card, IMPS etc.

The consumer would get an instant confirmation and receipt once the transaction is successfully completed. An SMS would also be triggered by the BBPOU.

The categories that are currently covered in BBPS are
    Telecom (Landline Post-paid, Mobile post-paid and Broad-band Post-paid)
More categories are to be gradually covered.

1. Connect to the Internet banking/Mobile App of your respective bank or Visit Bank/Branch or a retail outlet
2. Click on Bill payment or the BBPS Tab
3. Choose the category of biller and enter the bill details
4. Initiate a payment and get instant confirmation.

The customers? transaction status will get updated to Successful and the consumer will receive the Bill receipt in electronic form (Email/SMS).

A customer can raise a complaint directly from any bank application or on the BBPS Website.
There could be two type of complaints-
  a. Transaction based complaint: : This type of complaint is raised by a customer either for a successful / pending / failed transaction.
The customer can initiate a complaint either at an agent outlet/ bank-channel or through the BBPS website. The registered Mobile Number or Transaction ID will be used as a unique reference number for raising complaints.
  b. Service based complaint: This type of complaint is raised by a customer for non-transactional issues like incorrect bill being displayed, denomination not available etc. Transaction based complaints will undergo validation at CU and biller OU levels.

The following steps are to be followed to track the complaint status-
Step 1: Enter the Complaint ID, Mobile Number or Date range
Step 2: View details and Complaint Status: Logged, Assigned, Pending with BBPOU, Resolved, Re-assigned, And Escalated

For a BBPS transaction done at Canara Bank, NO charges are applicable.

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