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Passcode is 5 digits numeric password to login to the Canara Bank Mobile Banking application. This is used to log in to the application.

MPIN is 6 digits numeric secret PIN used at the time of financial/non-financial transactions.

Following steps are to be followed for registration.

  1. User needs to download the application from Play/App store.
  2. Install the application and open it.
  3. User will be prompted to “Select SIM” in the handsets which have more than one SIM. The user shall select the registered mobile number (in Bank) for sending an SMS.
  4. An OTP will be generated which user needs to enter and validate to enter into the application.
  5. After successful OTP validation, user needs to create Passcode post which he/she will be navigated to home screen.
  6. User then needs to generate his/her MPIN. He/She will be asked to generate MPIN in case any financial service is requested by him/her.
  7. Set MPIN screen will open when user accesses any service in “Banking” tab for the first time.
  8. User can set his/her own MPIN.
  9. He/she will be asked to activate account by entering debit card details as requested in screen. User needs to keep debit card information ready at the time of registration.
  10. After successful validation of debit card details, user will be able to access Canara Bank Mobile Banking features.

NOTE: Registered mobile number is one which is updated and linked with customer ID of bank account number of the customer in CBS.

Following steps are to be followed in case user forgets Passcode.

  1. Click on ‘Forgot Passcode’ link on login screen.
  2. User will be prompted to “Select SIM” in the handsets which have more than one SIM. The user shall select the registered mobile number (in Bank) for sending an SMS.
  3. An OTP will be generated which user needs to enter and validate to enter the application.
  4. User will be given an option to create Passcode. User needs to re-enter Passcode to confirm.

User can opt Forgot MPIN option while doing the funds transfer.

Any Canara Bank customer whose mobile number is linked with single customer ID, Joint Account with either or survivor operation condition and has following account types:

  1. Savings Account.
  2. Current Account with sole proprietorship.

NOTE: Registered mobile number is one which is updated and linked with customer ID of bank account number of the customer in CBS.

The Application works on GPRS Channel only. Handset must have internet connectivity. Application utilizes SMS only for first time registration for user authentication or for Forgot Passcode option.

User needs to be registered and have activated the account. After that he/she needs to follow below steps to add his/her other accounts:

Login into Application > Manage Accounts > Add New Account > Enter account number manually > (system validates the account number) > Account is added successfully (in case correct entry) / Failure (in case wrong account entered)

Beneficiary is the account, which is supposed to receive amount. Before initiating any transaction, user needs to register beneficiary with all the required details. Although, user also has an option to do fund transfer without saving user in registered beneficiary list.

Two options available for users:

  1. Fund transfer - Within Canara: In case beneficiary is from Canara Bank then customer can select Within Canara icon.
  2. 2. Fund Transfer – Other banks: To transfer funds where beneficiary is from other banks, user can select Other Bank (IMPS) icon. User can transfer funds using, Account & IFSC, Mobile Number & MMID.

To add a beneficiary as favorite select Fund transfer or Manage beneficiary icon->select Beneficiary from the dropdown list->click on STAR(*).

To access most used beneficiary information on top, favourite option can be applied in the select beneficiary list in Fund transfer or Manage beneficiary list.

In order to transfer funds to other banks’ Canara Bank Mobile Banking application uses Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) by National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). As per IMPS, fund transfer service is available 24X7X365 on NPCI platform.

There are TWO methods to transfer funds in IMPS –

  1. using Account and IFSC details of beneficiary
  2. Mobile number and MMID number of beneficiary
  3. Aadhaar number linked to a certain bank account of beneficiary.

Fund Transfer – within Canara:

Login into application > Select Funds Transfer – within Canara > Select beneficiary account > Enter beneficiary details (13-digit Canara account number) / Select beneficiary > Enter amount > Enter MPIN > Pay

Fund Transfer – Other bank:

Login into application > Select Funds Transfer – other Bank > Select remitting account > Enter beneficiary details (Account and IFSC / Mobile MMID) / Select beneficiary > Enter amount > Enter MPIN > Pay

These options are available as a service under PROFILE section.

  1. Change MPIN > Enter old MPIN > Enter new MPIN > Re-enter new MPIN > Confirm
  2. Change Passcode > Enter old Passcode > Enter new Passcode > Re-enter new Passcode > Confirm.

Profile > Deregister > Confirm.

User will ideally get an Auto reversal in case it is a system generated issue. In case the refund goes in manual processing, refund may take few days to transfer into user’s account.

Or else, user can call or initiate email from the “contact Us”.

Furthermore user can write to -; with following information,

  • Name of User
  • Mobile no of User
  • Amount Transacted
  • Date of Transaction
  • RRN no generated

User may also call at 1800 425 0018

In case mobile handset is lost, it cannot be misused by anybody until they know user’s Passcode and MPIN.

As a precaution, it is imperative that users shall not share their login credentials and MPIN to anybody. The same needs to be kept confidential for self-guarding from fraudsters.

MMID is Mobile Money Identifier. Users who wish to avail IMPS services, shall necessarily have MMID with their account. In case user gets an error "Remitter not registered for IMPS", user shall generate MMID first and then retry for transactions.

Login into Application > Non-Financial Services > Get MMID. User will get MMID through SMS.

User can request for a new cheque book through this application. The request will be processed on the basis of consumption of current issued cheque book. If current cheque book issued to user is exhausted by two-third, then only the new cheque book will be issued and dispatched to user’s updated address in CBS.

NO. Users are free to choose the nicknames for their beneficiaries, but they shall choose different nicknames for different beneficiaries. No two beneficiaries can have same nicknames.

User shall select the account and click on the Request Balance link from the grid for availing balance services and enter MPIN. In case he/she has only one account, then by entering valid MPIN Balance should be displayed.

User has to click on “Manage Accounts” icon shall select the account from Manage Account and click on the ‘View A/c Statement for availing mini statement service and enter MPIN to view the statement. In case he/she has only one account then click on the View A/c Statement from the Manage Account and enters MPIN to view the Statements.

At a time, 10 Mini-Statements will be displayed with Credit or Debit Status and date.

User can view the Loans availed by him/her from Canara Bank. User can click on Loan Accounts and it will fetch the Account Details. The application will show loan details like Outstanding Amount with Amount paid and date of amount. If more than one Loan account, then user need swipe right to left on the top of the screen.

Yes, User can share the Loan Enquiry Details to the person user wants to share through the sharing tools like WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

Manage Beneficiary is a feature to save the Beneficiaries for Fund Transfers. Here user can edit the Saved Beneficiaries and can also delete the added beneficiary.

Yes, Nickname field is mandatory if user add the Beneficiary from Fund Transfer Within Canara/IMPS-Other Bank.

User can view the Beneficiary that is added from Fund Transfer by selecting the Manage Beneficiary icon.

No, Nickname should be unique across all beneficiaries – within Canara and Other Bank also.

Yes, you can share the Donation Transaction Summary by clicking on Share button from the summary screen with the help of tool like WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

User can contact by following below mentioned steps in the application:

Click on Profile → Contact Us → Choose either Email Us or Call Us.

Yes, user can go to Profile and from there language can be changed.

You can get this option from Profile option. Click on the Feedback option under Profile and send the feedback.

No, you can’t use the Passcode that is recently used. You have to choose unique Passcode and after changing the passcode successfully, you have to login with that new passcode.

Before login to the application select “forgot passcode” option then OTP validation will be done automatically then after follow the below steps.

  • • Create Login Passcode
  • • Re-Enter passcode to Confirm.

You can change the MPIN from the Profile → Change MPIN → Enter Current MPIN → Enter New MPIN → Confirm New MPIN.

User can see the TDs created by his/her in Canara Bank. User should login and click on TD account where it will ask to select the account. Then application will display details like “Maturity date, Value and Amount”

Bharat QR is P2M (Person to Merchant) Mobile payment solution.

This solution is mutually derived among NPCI, Visa and Mastercard payment networks. Once the Bharat QR codes are deployed on Merchant locations; user can pay the utility bills using Bharat QR enabled mobile banking apps without sharing any user credentials to the merchant. It is a quick method of payment.

Bharat QR works as an alternate channel of payment, user has to scan the Bharat QR code at Merchant store and select card to make payment. Once the payment is successful, both cardholder and merchant receive notification in mobile application for successful transaction.